Can I bring alcohol to the event?

Celebrate America is a family-friendly event. Alcohol is not permitted in the park during the event.

Is there a cost to enter?

Celebrate America is a free event. No prior registration is required. Just show up when gates open at 6:00PM and enjoy the evening.

Can I bring my dog?

For the safety of everyone in attendance, only service animals are permitted at Twin Oaks Park.

Will there be food at the park?

Yes! We have dozens of delicious food trucks and eateries present to choose from. Come hungry! 

Is there seating provided?

We encourage you to bring blankets and chairs to set-up at the park. We do not provide seating accommodations.

Is this a political rally?

No. Celebrate America is a family-friendly community event that celebrates patriotism and American independence.

Can I pass out literature at the event?

There is no solicitation or advertising allowed at the event unless you are an event sponsor or organizer. Soliciters will be asked to leave the event.